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Thermon Process Heating

Clay bags and canisters are especially important in the removal of surfactants from jet fuels. Surfactants or surface acting agents and fuel additives are often injected at various points of fuel distribution. These surfactants and additives must be removed before the fuel flows through the filter/separator or they will disarm the coalescer element.


FCC Clay Canisters & FCCB Clay Bags

Clay canisters (FCC) and clay bags (FCB) are constructed with the finest Georgia Attapulgus clay and use maximum media surface area to offer outstanding clay media filtration. This construction offers maximum water resistance and absorption capabilities. This combination provides maximum protection for downstream coalescer elements, which are so important in jet fuel and other fuel filtration. Our clay bags and canisters are designed to fit standard industry vessels where 7 x 18 or 7 x 19 cartridges are used. Sturdy bail or strap handles assist maintenance personnel during change-outs. Our construction minimizes shipping damage and media settling during transit. Clay canisters and bags are also specified for surfactant removal from kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuels, and industrial lubricating, hydraulic and insulating oils.

Features & Benefits at a Glance

  • interior and exterior media migration barriers
  • canisters or Lexel bags
  • no internal metal parts to corrode or pose a safety hazard
  • Buna-N gaskets
  • compatible with industry standard 7x18 or 7x19 cartridges
  • unique construction results in minimum swell, which makes cartridge changeout fast and easy

CP Coalescer Filter

The CP industrial coalescer filters are manufactured using a cellulose particulate capture media and a resin impregnated glass fiber coalescing core (no metal core). This unique combination of media provides the industry with one of the most efficient particulate and water removal filters available. In addition to high efficiency, the CP filter can provide the customer with low initial pressure drop and longer life when compared with competitor products. These filters remove free and emulsified water and solid contamination from various types of fuels and hydrocarbon fluids. The 1, 5, 10 and 25 micron filters ensure fuel quality that meets or exceeds the fuel cleanliness requirements of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (ISO 4401 code 18/16/13), when challenged with ASTM Type A3 test dust. Typical applications include refineries with process streams, finished product, petrochemical plants, petrochemical storage and distribution systems, and at the point of consumption. Note: Part number CP-20452-J meets MIL-PRF-52308J requirements under NSN 4330-01-477-7985.

Features & Benefits at a Glance

  • cost effective solution
  • high efficiency particulate removal
  • not approved for API/EI 1581 specified applications
  • compatible with biodiesel blends
  • no metal center tube
  • crushable and incinerable
  • replaces competitor filters
  • low initial pressure drop
  • large filtering surface area
  • long filter life
  • two part epoxy
  • compatible with biodiesel blends
  • Viton® seals and gaskets for compatibility with a wide range of fluids *Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™

FBO Filter Assembly

FBO-10 and FBO-14 filter assemblies are designed to meet the toughest hydrocarbon refueling conditions and provide for ease of filter change outs. The FBO Assembly can flow 25 gpm/95 lpm or up to 75 gpm/230 lpm depending on the model, the elements installed and fuel being filtered. The FBO assembly can be used on mobile refuelers or installed in refueling cabinets. The unit can also be used for diesel fuel dispensing pumps or as a primary fuel filter/water separator for large diesel engines or as bulk fuel handling, fuel transfer, and other higher flow applications. Typical applications include jet fuel, aviation gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, JP4, JP5 and JP8. Typical installations include aviation fuel trucks, aviation fueling cabinets, diesel fuel dispensing systems, marine fuel docks and fuel systems on large diesel engines. These versatile housings have three filter options to meet various requirements: a fuel filter/water separator, a silicone treated filter, and a water absorber. For fuel dispensing applications the fuel filter/water separator filter is recommended.

FP Series Pleated Paper Microfilter

The industrial FP pleated paper microfilters utilize proven and established cellulose media technology providing end users with low cost, effective and efficient dirt removal. FP microfilters are typically employed in bulk fuel distribution systems to protect and prolong the life of water removal coalescers. With filter ratings from 1 to 25 microns, FP filters can be used to remove particulate contamination in traditional diesel fuel, mixtures of biodiesel and other petroleum distillates. FP microfilters are not API/EI qualified for use in airports for jet fuel filtration. FP microfilters are designed for particulate removal and are installed to protect expensive downstream coalescer filters and system components. These filters are available in many configurations to suit a wide variety of applications and can fit many competitor vessels. FP microfilters improve fuel cleanliness and can provide fuel quality to meet engine OEM and World Fuel Charter requirements.

Features & Benefits at a Glance

  • protects downstream coalescers and system components
  • out to in flow direction
  • large surface area
  • standard end-cap offering
  • high efficiency particulate removal
  • cost effectiveness
  • low initial pressure drop
  • replaces competitors filters
  • long filter life
  • outer wrap available for back flow protection
  • Viton® seals and gaskets are standard for compatibility with a wide range of fluids *Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™

FW Series Hydrocarbon Water Absorbing Filter

FW series filters remove particulate contamination down to one micron and free or emulsified water from hydrocarbon fluids. These filters utilize the latest technology in filtration and include multiple layers of protection including a super-absorbent layer to collect, trap and prevent water from passing downstream and to ensure the fuel is clean and dry. The FW series is compatible with most fuels, including biodiesel blends up to B20 and are typically used at refineries with process streams, on finished product at petrochemical plants, through the petrochemical storage and distribution systems, and at the point of consumption. FW series filters can be used in the FBO filter assemblies which are available for both mobile and marine applications. FBO -10 and FBO -14 are mobile application assemblies and FBO-10-MA and FBO-14-MA are marine application assemblies.

Features & Benefits at a Glance

  • biodiesel compatible (=B20)
  • removes free and emulsified water from fuel
  • out to in flow direction
  • industry standard element dimensions
  • Viton® seals are standard *Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™
  • high efficiency particulate removal
  • large filtering surface area
  • low initial pressure drop
  • long element life
  • suitable for mobile and fixed applications
  • micron rating from 1 to 25
  • water removal efficiency down to 15 ppm

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