Eaton Filtration Products
Eaton Filtration Products

Eaton Filtration Products


Eaton’s filtration business combines worldwide engineering, manufacturing, technical sales support, and customer service into one focused business objective: Provide our customers with the optimum manufacturing or industrial filtration solutions.


Designed for efficiency in demanding markets, applications, and environments, Eaton’s innovative, pipeline basket strainer, mechanically cleaned filter and strainer, tubular backwashing filter, bag filter and bag housing, cartridge filter and cartridge housing, gas liquid separator, depth filtration, and hydraulic and lubrication oil filtration solutions help optimize filtration performance and quality as well as plant productivity.

Bag & Cartridge Filtration

There are three basic filter types to consider when specifying a liquid processing filter; bag filters, cartridge filters, and clean-in-place (CIP) filters.

Filter Bags

The convenience and economy of liquid bag filtration is now feasible for filtration applications that previously required other, more expensive systems. Because demanding or critical applications can be complex, an Eaton Applications Specialist is available to perform a no-obligation analysis of your process. Learn how one of these high performance filter bags can work in your system, whether your system already exists or is in the design stage.

Bag Filter Housings

Eaton is the leading manufacturer of bag filter housings. Creative innovations have been the logic for a highly diversified range of vessels to meet the most demanding as well as standard applications. From single to multibag housings, from stainless steel to engineered plastic vessels. Manufacturing plants in five different locations around the globe allow for adaptations to local specifications in a standard design.

Filter Cartridges

Our liquid process cartridges offer high quality, high performance and cost effective solutions for common and difficult industrial applications including high purity water and other critical process flow streams.

Gas Liquid Separators

An Eaton Gas Liquid Separator removes +99% of all damage causing moisture and solid particles 10 microns and larger. Typically installed following an intercooler or aftercooler the gas liquid separator will remove entrained solids. The Eaton steam separator is also installed in steam distribution lines to assure clean, dry steam. Our reliable separator products are highly efficient for moisture separation and provide protection for your equipment

Gas Liquid Separators

Eaton’s Gas/Liquid Separators protect expensive system components, such as turbines, by removing potentially damaging moisture and particulate matter for air, gas and steam lines. Dozens of different models – both cast and fabricated – are available to meet your needs.

Separator Exhaust Heads

Eaton Exhaust Heads are designed to separate entrained water and oil from exhaust air, gas or steam prior to being discharged directly into the atmosphere. They will remove more than 99% of liquids and solids over 10 microns in size from the discharged flow, reducing maintenance costs on roofs and surrounding objects.

Separator Drain Traps

Eaton Float Drain Traps are available in a variety of models and materials of construction, featuring the Model 90-AC, Model 95-AC, Model 230-AC and Model 350-AC.

Depth Filtration

Eaton – supplier of complete solutions for depth filtration applications – develops, manufactures, and provides top-quality depth filter media for a wide range of applications in food and beverage industries, chemical, fine and specialty chemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in biotechnology.

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