Fuel Gas Conditioning System
Fuel Gas Conditioning System

Fuel Gas Conditioning System

CCI Thermal

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems remove small amounts of moisture, liquid mist, and particulate contaminants from fuel gases. Capabilities include gas preheating and pressure reduction as required by specification. Gas metering is also available.


The FGCS prepares the fuel (natural) gas for use in gas turbines, gas furnaces, gas burners, etc. It is typically used by gas turbine manufacturers, combined cycle power plants, natural gas turbine installations, gas fired furnaces, and small off-shore and on-shore power generators. A variety of Fuel Gas Conditioning System configurations are available to match the specific needs of different applications.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

  • designed to deliver gas pressure, temperature and degree of purity to meet custom specifications
  • scrubs liquids from the gas stream
  • heats gas indirectly to required degree of superheat above dew point
  • accommodates flow measurement/custody transfer via D.P. Orifice flow meter
  • full PLC Control Logic
  • approved for use in Class 1, Div 1, Group D hazardous locations

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