Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor
Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor

Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor


Vision 5-15hp

Rotary Screw Compressors

- 5-15hp
- 13 to 59 cfm
- 67 to 70 dba rating
- Compact footprint


The new Champion Vision 5-15hp series of rotary screw lubricants offers the performance and reliability that you demand delivered by a simple and proven industrial design. The Vision Series allows you to customize a system that meets your compressed air needs while achieving minimal installation costs. With industrial grade components, the Vision Series is designed and built to last!
Instead of developing a package and then selecting an airend, we designed the airend and then built the package. Champion also built this airend specifically for belt driven compressor packages. This helps to maximize airend efficiency without sacrificing its lifespan. The rotor profile and lobe combination of the airend results in minimal air leakage. Combining all of this with a compact footprint and one of the quietest dba levels around makes the Vision Series of air compressors a real Champion in the market!.
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The VISION Series produces performance levels that we are proud to associate with the Champion name. For example, the 15 HP model at 125 psi realizes a flow of 54 cfm. That’s a very efficient specific power of 24.7


The VISION Series utilizes the enhanced Enduro E3+ airend. Specifically designed for belt-driven compressor packages, the E3+ is one of the most efficient airends of its size. This latest version has improved rotor profiles resulting in greater overall efficiency. The E3+ is made up of as few components as possible. Fewer components means fewer wear items and greater reliability. Thanks to the bearing and pulley design of the E3+, radial load to the bearings from belt tension is minimized. This ultimately results in extended airend life.

Air Pathway:

Before it even enters the VISION Series enclosure, atmospheric air is already being filtered by the heavy duty pre-filters located on the base of the unit. Instead of making the compressor fight an uphill battle by bringing the hot air discharged by the cooler back into the unit, we have placed the inlet at the floor, as far away from the cooler as possible. After passing through pre-filtration, air is routed into the main cabinet by the cooling fan. The air then begins moving upward toward the inlet air intake. The standard two-stage cyclonic inlet air filter is 99.9% efficient @ 5 microns which means very few impurities make it into the airend. After being compressed by the airend, an over-braided stainless steel hose carries the air / oil mixture to the oil reservoir where the bulk of the oil is removed. Another stainless steel hose carries the air / oil mixture to the separator where it is finitely cleaned to a carry-over level of 2 ppm or less before entering the aftercooler. Once through the aftercooler, clean cool compressed air is released into the compressed air system.


20 - 50hp Compressors

Large Compressor Quality in a Small Package. The RotorChamp Series 5-20 hp rotary screw compressors are equipped with all of the components needed for a quality compressor: Advanced Airend for efficiency, low noise, and microprocessor control providing all necessary notifications to insure long-life.   Specifications and Features 15 to 84 cfm 69 – 74dBA Base

With 2 distinct styles, Champion RotorChamp Rotary Screw Compressors can meet any compressed air need.  All RotorChamp Air Compressors are designed for efficiency, ease of maintenance, and long life.   With over 3,500 installations, the RotorChamp family of air compressors can be trusted to insure your operation runs like a Champion.

Specifications and Features
  • 57 to 225 cfm (20-50hp)
  • 76 - 80dBA (60-200hp), 79dBA (20-50hp)
  • Easy Access to all Components
  • Small, Compact Footprint

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Design Advantages

20-50hp Rotors
  • Highly efficient patented KyphoTM  rotor profile.
  • Precision milled to exact tolerances.
  • Long-life cylindrical and tapered roller bearings ensure reliable, consistent operation.
  • Extended bearing life due to vibration-free performance.
Oil Separator
  • EliminatorTM  air/oil separator has two times the surface area of conventional separators for improved separation and longer life.
  • Low carry-over; less than two parts per million, measured before the aftercooler at 100 psig, full load operation.
  • Simplified access to air/oil separator requiring no piping removal to change separator elements. Reduces maintenance time by 90%.
  • Easy access to the full-flow, ten micron oil filter. Reduces time to complete periodic oil filter changes.
  • Simple, patented system for adjusting belt drives.
Acoustic Enclosures
  • Low overall noise level; Quiet enclosure option reduces sound to 76dBA.
  • Unrestricted access to airend and motor provided by lift-off panel.
Control Piping
  • Safe, corrosive-free compressor operation is a direct benefit from stainless steel control lines, a standard Champion feature.
  • No plastic tubing, rubber hoses or black piping.
Mounted Aftercooler
  • Factory mounted, heavy duty, air-cooled aftercooler and moisture separator with trap effectively reduces discharge air temperature to within 15°F of ambient.
Direct Driven, Non Geared Airend (ES-100+ Only)
  • Permanent airend to motor connection via rigid, C-Flange mounting.
  • 6-8% improved full load operating efficiency provided by patented intensive injection lubrication system.
  • Long-life cylindrical and tapered roller bearings ensure reliable, consistent operation.
Auto Sentry® RS-2000 or ES+ Controller
  • Complete electronic control with complete self-diagnostic, protective shutdown, service advisory and full text digital display capabilities.
  • Built-in selectable automatic re-start and sequencing (up to 8 units).
  • Most control options available in the industry are standard on the ES+ Controller.
  • Built-in self-diagnostic capability.
  20-50hp Integrated Compressor Airend
  • State-of-the art, integrated design with 25% fewer parts and connection points than conventional design delivers maximum reliability.
  • Modular airend design offers a readily accessible bolt-on configuration unlike encapsulated designs that require total replacement.
  • Internal 3-way thermal mixing valve minimizes leak points.
  • Three-stage air/oil separation involving mechanical redirection, cyclone centrifugal type air flow and a pleated filter with inside out final separation to offer less than 2 ppm carryover before the aftercooler.
Flexible, Quality Package Design
  • Non-corrosive control line tubing maximizes reliability, minimizes downtime.
  • Tactfully located controller on the end of each machine for easy multiple unit installation and sequencing.
Minimum Energy Use Rotor Design
  • Manufactured in one of the most automated, capital intensive rotor cutting plants worldwide.
  • Rotor profile with a short seal line saves you money in electrical costs by offering high efficiency through reduced opportunities for air leaks.
  • Precise bearing size that prohibits misalignment. This handles up to 3 times more load capacity than conventional designs to offer you a savings in service costs and extends operation life.
Acoustic Enclosure
  • Standard enclosure offers low 75 dBA noise level to ensure quiet operation at any facility.
  • Easy lift-off panels offer fast and convenient access to airend and motor.

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