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Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blowers
Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blowers

Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blowers


100% Oil Free – Guaranteed!

CompAir DH Series oil-less rotary screw compressors combine 100% oil-free construction and variable speed technology to provide an energy and cost efficient oil-free solution.


Water Injected – DH Series


Low operating temperatures and maintenance free sealed bearings eliminate the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. In addition to its oil-free distinction, CompAir DH Series is referred to as an oil-less line because it contains no oil in the compression chamber nor anywhere else in the package.


At the heart of the compressor package is a high output single screw compression element which uses water injection technology for lubrication and cooling. Simplified construction and reduced component count decrease the number of moving parts, which drastically improves reliability.

Effectively lubricates, seals and cools the compression process.

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Main Components
Low noise radial cooling fans

Water Circulation & Purification Systems
Available in both air-cooled and water-cooled options



CompAir offers several options of Delcos Controllers from a standard built-in touch screen to the industry’s only dual-position controller. Our Delcos Controllers are simple user friendly controls that are easy to understand and use


CompAir Model Rated Pressure psig Output FAD cfm Motor Power HP Net Weight lbs Dimensions
L x W x H
D15H RS 75-145 11.3-82.64 20 1515 53 x 35 63
D22H RS 75-145 24-121.84 30 1556
D37H RS 75-145 38.5-242.61 50 2194 68 x 36 x 65
D50H RS 75-145 43.44-266.27 67 3461 85 x 56 x 78
D75H RS 75-145 65.69-400.47 100 4167
D110H RS* 75-150 111.95-651.91 150 4850

* D110H RS only available water cooled.


Two Stage Dry Screw – D Series


When applications are critical, rely on CompAir’s D Series compressor.

CompAir’s two-stage D Series oil free compressor combines years of engineering expertise to create a product that can be relied upon to deliver a consistent flow of high quality, clean and economical compressed air. These machines are perfect for several industries where air quality is not only important but also vital to product integrity.


CompAir D-Series two stage dry rotary screw compressors provide a reliable supply of oil-free compressed air for a wide variety of high technology industries. These oil-free packages are fully enclosed for quiet operation and increased versatility. Engineered for serviceability and ease of installation, D Series compressors are fully integrated with conveniently grouped service components. Air and water cooled options available


The compression chamber is protected against the ingress of bearing lubricant by guaranteed non-contact non-wearing labyrinth seals. The CompAir compression element design sets the industry standard for energy efficiency. Advanced asymmetrical rotor profiles and optimized radial and axial porting ensure maximum air output for decreased energy consumption.

Features Include:

  • Independently driven oil pump
  • Machines that are perfect for many industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive
  • Excellent efficiency due to unique design features
  • Optimized air cooling system
  • Extended compression element life


SureScan – CompAir’s SureScan microprocessor-based compressor management system simplifies operation and allows instant review of the compressor’s status. Comprehensive control, condition monitoring, protection and remote control facilities are incorporated into this controller. With superior flexibility built in, the SureScan controller can meet specific control requirements such as:

  • Remote start and stop
  • Remote load and unload
  • Automatic power failure restart
  • Available output
  • Running output
  • Onload output
  • Service due output
  • Group alarm and trip outputs
  • RS485 communications interface for remote monitoring and control


CompAir Model Rated Pressure psig Output FAD cfm Motor Power HP Net Weight lbs Dimensions
L x W x H
D55-08A 125 266 75 5,038 114 x 63 x 81
D75-08A 125 401 100 5,478
D75-10A 145 349
D90-08A 125 520 125 5,632
D90-10A 145 462
D110-08A 125 630 150 6,138
D150-08A 125 796 200 6,486
D150-10A 145 768
D75-10W 152 330 100 5,120 TEFC 114 x 63 x 81
D90-10W 152 462 125 5,341 TEFC
D90-07W 110 491
D110-07W 110 700 150 5,341 TEFC
D150-10W 152 696 200 6,267 TEFC


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