Cast Aluminum Blower
Cast Aluminum Blower

Cast Aluminum Blower

Americraft Manufacturing

Our cast aluminum blower is designed for use in situations where low volumes of air flow are required at relatively low static pressures. Excellent for removal of welding smoke and fumes, and for spot cooling of electronic equipment.


Features and Benefits

  • Cast aluminum spark resistant housings.
  • Forward curved squirrel cage type steel wheels provide efficient, quiet performance.
  • Round outlets and inlets facilitate connection to standard pipe and duct diameters with slip fit connections or flange to flange.
  • Only available in clockwise rotation with four discharge positions available.
  • Standard construction meets AMCA Type C spark resistant requirements.
  • Suitable for use in airstreams to a maximum of 150°F.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days

Optional Accessories

  • Cast aluminum inlet or outlet flanges.
  • Slide gate dampers for inlet or outlet.
  • Motor weather cover for outdoor service.
  • Inlet filters.
  • Inlet and outlet guards.

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