Clean-up and Accessories for Hydrovane Compressors
Clean-up and Accessories for Hydrovane Compressors

Clean-up and Accessories for Hydrovane Compressors


Superior quality lubricant is essential in maintaining a compressor’s performance.
Whether your application requires a high temperature lubricant or one that meets the FDA’s food grade requirements, Hydrovane’s variety of lubricants are specially formulated to excel in every application.


CS100, CS300, CS600 Rotary Screw Lubricant

CS100 is a diester based lubricant formulated specifically for air compressors. The unique formation of CS100 ensures greater performance over a wide temperature range and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 7%.  Because this lubricant does not contain petroleum oil the formation of sludge, varnish and other deposits are eliminated.  CS100 provides more rapid and more thorough water condensate separation due to its superior demulisibility.
  • 8000 hour Service Life
  • Extends lubricant and vavle life by as mush as eight times
  • Provides extended compressor and component life due to superior heat transfer
  • Low pour point, high flash point and low volatility
CS300 is a diester-based lubricant that is highly effective with vane compressors. While petroleum based oils may be sufficient in some compressor installations, CS300 is superior because it extends lubricant and valve life by as much as eight times, extends compressor and compressor component life due to superior heat transfer and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 7%.  These benefits makes CS300 an ideal candidate when selecting a top performing lubricant.
  • 8000hour Service Life
  • Superior Demulsibility
  • Eliminateds the formation of sludge, varnish, and other deposits
  • Performs over a wide temperature range and has a low pour point, high flash point and low volatility
CS600 is a polyalphaolefin/ester blend specifically formulated for Rotary Vane Compressors.  This is an extended-life lubricant for use in vane compressors operating under harsh service conditions with high compression temperatures. CS600 is made from the highest quality base stocks coupled with state-of-the-art additive technology resulting in performance improvements beyond mineral oil and other synthetic air compressor lubricants. Using CS600 lubricant allows customers to take advantage of hydrovane’s five year air end Performance Warranty Plan for Rotary Vane Compressors.
  • 4000 hour service life
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Superior corrosion protection and oxidative stability
  • Extremely low volatility
  • Outstanding low temperature properties

GCL83S Rotary Screw Lubricant

GCL83S is a custom-blended, chemically inert, polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based synthetic lubricant.  This fluid is specially formulated for Hydrovane compressors in hydrocarbon gas service. Applications for this fluid include; vapor recovery, offshore gas gathering, heavy refiery gases and heavy natural gas gathering.
  • Superior oxidation inhibition
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Contains additives for antiwear and defoaming

AirLube DE-30 and DE-40 Lubricant

AirLube DE-30 and DE-40 are diester-based synthetic lubricant specially formulated for air compressor applications. Air Lube 30/40 is used in both vane and reciprocating compressors.  The unique formulation of this lubricant eliminates the formation of sludge, varnish and other deposits.  The wide operating temperature range allows this lubricant to be effective in a variety of applications.

Condensate Management

Air compressors regularly produce water, due to the compression process. Proper removal of this moisture, prior to entering the plant air system, is essential in preventing costly damage to dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components. Hydrovane's condensate management products (automatic drains and oil/water separators) can reliably separate and remove condensate throughout your air system.

Air Treatment

All compressed air systems require dry, clean air and environmentally sound disposal of by products. Hydrovane offers a complete line of air treatment products that include filters, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers and membrane air dryers that are designed to produce the cleanest air possible, while maintaining a focus on maximizing the efficiency of the entire compressed air system. Our extensive product portfolio ensures that we can support the unique applications and environments faced by our customers.

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