Norseman Electric Explosion-Proof Heaters
Norseman Electric Explosion-Proof Heaters

Norseman Electric Explosion-Proof Heaters

Thermon Process Heating

Norseman™ from CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is the most technologically advanced line of explosion-proof electric air heaters and heating accessories, including both forced air convection heaters and natural convection heaters, as well as unit heaters, panel heaters and thermostats. Norseman™ offers innovative, low maintenance solutions for a wide range of applications in a variety of industrial and commercial environments.


Flexibility in application and design

The Norseman™ line provides the industry standard in explosion-proof forced air or natural convection solutions suitable for hazardous environments across a wide kilowatt range. Custom engineered heaters or heating systems are available for specialized applications. Our qualified and knowledgable sales staff are ready to help you select the solution that's right for you.

Durable construction

With anodized, copper-free aluminum housings and heat sinks, and nickel plated, low watt density elements, the Norseman™ line of electric explosion-proof heaters is designed to provide reliable, low maintenance service.

Simplified wiring

To facilitate convenient installation, Norseman™ heaters feature the patented x-Max® terminal housing (located on the Caloritech page) with screw-on cover and slide-out terminal block trolley.

Norseman™ products are, in many cases, also highly compatible with our other product lines -- Cata-Dyne™, Ruffneck™, Caloritech™ and DriQuik™ -- to provide our customers with complete heating solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

XB - Explosion-Proof Natural Convection Heater (Optional Adjustable Temperature Control)

The Norseman™ XB Explosion-Proof Natural Convection Heater is designed for heating applications where explosive substances may be present, such as control cabinets and small enclosures, storage rooms for paints and cleaners, grain elevators, flour mills, spray booths, gas plants, pump houses, oil platforms, cleaning and dyeing plants, and marine/offshore areas. This safe and reliable heater offers a state of the art design, featuring CCI Thermal's unique copper-free aluminum extruded converter and patented x-Max® terminal housing.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

  • all units can be fitted with an externally adjustable thermostat
  • large convector surface area and high mass fins ensure safe and efficient low temperature heat transfer
  • convectors are black anodized to resist oxidation and maximize heat transfer
  • x-Max® terminal housing can be equipped with multiple tapped conduit entries to facilitate installation
  • most units equipped with built-in terminal block for simplified electrical connection
  • vertical positioning for wall or floor mounting; dual purpose brackets for wall or floor mounting; wire guards are supplied standard
  • four standard heat sink lengths and configurations available, from single unit to quadruple unit; custom configurations available on demand
  • a range of voltages available, from 120V to 600V, depending on heater configuration
  • a range of wattages available, from 475W to 4500W, depending on heater configuration
  • available with either CSA C/US or CE/ATEX approvals; GOST approved for global markets

XPA - Explosion-Proof Panel Heater

The Norseman™ Explosion-Proof Panel Heater is designed specifically for freeze protection of control enclosures in locations where explosive atmospheres exist, such as control cabinets. Typical applications include control cabinets, instrument enclosures and small storage rooms or cabinets for volatile products.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

  • Easy installation to applicable codes
  • Equipped with universal 11-gauge stainless steel wall mounting bracket and hardware for horizontal and side-mount installations
  • Available in 120V, 208V and 240V configurations
  • Suitable for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Wide range of wattages and temperature codes available
  • Panel heater is anodized black to resist corrosion and maximize heat transfer
  • cCSAus certified for Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C & D hazardous locations

XGB - Explosion-Proof Forced Air Unit Heater

The Norseman™ XGB Explosion-Proof Forced Air Unit Heater is specifically designed for heating industrial spaces where potentially explosive substances may be present, such as water and sewage treatment plants, oil refineries, compressor stations, pulp and paper mills, paint storage booths, cement plants, mines, and marine/offshore areas. These heaters will accommodate your requirements with flexibility and ease of maintenance, even under the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

  • flow adjustment range of motion allows tilting of the heater at a 30° angle below the horizontal, which is perfect for installations on high ceilings; for lateral airflow, the entire louvre assembly can rotate 90°
  • factory installed conduit seal provides the necessary isolation between the supply and control housings, decreasing installation costs
  • features patented x-Max® terminal housing; slide out terminal block trolley provides easy access to internal components
  • two sizes available; small cabinet units rated up to 10 kW and large cabinet units rated up to 35 kW
  • CSA certified for Class 1, Division 1&2, Groups C&D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G and Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G hazardous locations.
  • standard features include explosion-proof motor; inlet wire guard; extra heavy wall tubular steel finned heating elements with nickel-plated finish; 120V control circuit with derated magnetic contactor, dual automatic reset high limits and transformer; heavy-duty 16-gauge stainless steel casing; outlet louvre assembly; swivel bracket; factory installed conduit seal; supply connection housing; terminal block for supply wiring and thermostat connection
  • optional features include built-in, externally adjustable bulb-type thermostat; built-in disconnect switch; moisture-resistant construction; "auto/off/fan only" switch; pilot light; manual reset high limit; Arctic duty design; 50Hz and Group B Division 2 construction
  • available mounting accessories include ceiling mounting kit, wall mounting kit or post/pipe mounting kit


Thermostats Available

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