Process Ventilation Equipment
Process Ventilation Equipment

Process Ventilation Equipment

Hartzell Fan, Inc.

Hartzell Fan can provide heavy duty equipment for industrial demands in a wide range of types and styles for air volume, static pressure, and temperature challenges. We are a one-stop source for all your fan needs. Our innovative, versatile designs and quality construction make our fans built to last and can provide a customized solution for your unique ventilation problems…we have the right fan for every job.


Hartzell duct fans are best suited for applications with low pressure characteristics. These versatile and dependable fans can be used to remove fumes, dirt-laden air, steam, hot air, and smoke; or to supply air for cooling, drying, and general ventilation. They are well suited for air moving applications requiring high flow and low to medium pressure where adjustable pitch blades allow fans to be accurately set.

Duct Axial Fans

Duct Axial fans are ideal for applications where static pressure requirements fall between those of a low-pressure duct fan and a vaneaxial blower. Type DA Duct Axial Fans combine the best features of the rugged, highly efficient vaneaxial blower and the economical performance of the duct fan providing maximum efficiency in the static pressures.

Vaneaxial Fans

Vaneaxial fans are highly efficient axial flow fans designed for static pressures up to 12." They also offer the compactness and in-line configuration of axial flow fans. The Vaneaxial is the workhorse of the Hartzell line of duct type fans.

BC Centrifugal Fans

Hartzell Backward Curved Centrifugal fans are designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency for clean air applications. They are available in direct and belt drive configurations and in a variety of arrangements and constructions to meet your requirements. Designed for quiet operation, the Hartzell Backward Curved Centrifugal blowers provide lower sound levels in the highest efficiency ranges.

Steel In-Line Centrifugals

Our Steel In-Line Centrifugal fan combines the design advantages of the axial flow fan with the performance characteristics of the centrifugal fan. The design saves space as compared to the traditional scroll-type centrifugal housing by incorporating a tubular housing. The design also allows the unit to be installed directly in a duct system with the same inlet and outlet discharge dimensions.

Industrial Exhausters

Hartzell's Industrial Exhausters are designed to meet industrial air moving and pneumatic conveying requirements.

Turbo Pressure Blowers

Ideal for applications with a high static pressure and low flow requirement. The compact design, easy installation, and low maintenance is useful in a variety of applications.

Pressure Blowers

Designed to meet general industrial air-moving requirements.

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